Friday, February 27, 2009

Libertines in 2010?

Okay so a while back I wrote a piece for GenArt about bands I'd love to see reunite. Of that list, all that could possibly reunite have aside from the Libertines. Now it appears, based on an NME interview, that one of my favorite bands I never got to see play live may actually reunite! Read the interview here. Yes, it's still quite speculative but we can all hope!!

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mogwai - US Tour Dates

If you've ever been on this page before then you know just how much I love the 'gwai! Well the boys will be back in town (Brooklyn) in April! The best part...3 dates at Music Hall of Williamsburg! How sweet is that! Well the rest of the tour dates are below. The tickets for the Brooklyn shows are not on sale yet, and I'll let you know when they are.

04/20 Houston, TX- Numbers

04/21 New Orleans, LA- Republic

04/22 Birmingham, AL- Workplay Theatre

04/23 Asheville, NC- Orange Peel

04/24 Carrboro, NC- Cats Cradle

04/25 Philadelphia, PA- Trocadero

04/27 Brooklyn, NY- Music Hall Of Williamsburg

04/28 Brooklyn, NY- Music Hall Of Williamsburg

04/29 Brooklyn, NY- Music Hall Of Williamsburg

05/01 Boston, MA- Wilbur Theatre

05/02 Northampton, MA- Pearl Street

05/03 Montreal, QUE- Metropolis

05/04 Toronto, ON- Phoenix

05/05 Buffalo, NY- Tralf Music Hall

05/06 Pontiac, MI- Crofoot Ballroom

05/08 Chicago, IL - Congress Theatre

05/09 Milwaukee, WI - Turner Hall

05/10 Minneapolis, MN- First Avenue

05/11 Omaha, NE- The Slowdown

05/12 Denver, CO- Bluebird Theatre

05/13 Salt Lake City, UT- In The Venue

05/15 San Diego, Ca- Belly Up Tavern

05/16 Los Angeles, CA- Orpheum Theatre

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Pomegranates are prepping to release their sophomore album, "Everybody, Come Outside!" Not only that but they will have quite the stage to bring it to the public on...namely the SXSW festival! 

I have to admit, I really enjoyed their first album, but never gave it the attention I probably should have...that being said I plan to give their sophomore release a lot more listens! You can pick up the first album here, and here one of the tunes from the album below.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spanish Dancer - Not What You Think

I just ran across this promo of Spanish Dancer's new album "Burned Up Bred High" which is worth a listen, and will likely require a few before you fully understand and appreciate it. Luckily the kind folks over at Fanatic Promotions have offered up a promo of the album for us all to check out. Check it out below:

Sample tracks:

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The Lovetones - For Valentine's Day

Just in time for Valentine's Day Matthew Tow, former Brian Jonestown Massacre leader, is releasing his new band's (Lovetones) debut "Dimensions" on Planting Seeds Records! From the sound of the first single it will definitely be worth checking out when it is released on February 29th. To hold you over here's the first single "Journeyman" below:

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Monday, February 09, 2009

It's Been A While!

Well it has been WAY too long and I've realized that I truly do miss writing on this hopefully while I pick it back up I'll actually improve it quite a bit (who knows).

In my absence I've attended a few outstanding shows, notably Mogwai (yeah it's been that long) at Terminal 5, Vampire Weekend at Terminal 5, Devotchka at Terminal 5, and Beirut at BAM. All four of these shows were drop-dead amazing! These shows also had another thing in commo
n...horrible crowds. I don't know what's happened but for some reason it appears that more and more people go to shows to talk throughout the performances. At Devotchka I had the pleasure of watching 5 grown men have a full body thumb wrestling war...what the heck is that all about? Anyway I didn't intend to start off with a rant, but I guess I did...sorry!

On to the new music I've been getting into. While the band isn't "new" they are planning to release their first new album in nearly 8 years! I'm not sure how many of the re
aders of this site have ever listened to a Spain album, but to sum them up I would say truly relaxing jazz-infused...yeah well I can't properly explain/describe them. Just listen. These are a few new tunes the band has put up on various member-sites (free of charge) so I figured I'd help spread 'em around.

I'm Still Free (highly rec'd)

You can grab live shows of their on here.

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