Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Saint Bernadette - I Wanna Tell You Something

Sorry, once again it's been a while, my computer has been giving me fits recently. Anyway...I've been listening to a bunch of new stuff I have just recently gotten. One being the EP in the title of the post, which is a strikingly smooth offering. The tunes have a range from Beth Orton-esque sounds with a slight PJ Harvey tone. The biggest complaint I have thus far is that it's too short.

Don't let the duo, and married status fool you, Saint Bernadette have a rage inside of them, and the lyrics tend to be flipped out with abandon, hence the PJ Harvey reference. The five-track EP, "I Wanna Tell You Something" is quite a solid listen. The EP comes on the heels of their debut LP "In the Ballroom" which was released back in October. For whatever reason the more I listen, the more I really love Meridith's voice, and it reminds me more and more of Helium. So there's another hint...anyone who enjoys Helium, this is definitely up your alley!

You can check out a few of their tunes from "I Wanna Tell You Something" below:
In Between
Love Is A Stranger

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