Monday, April 21, 2008


Things have been crazy to say the least on a personal level over the last few weeks, and I haven't really had the time or inclination to write...for that I do apologize. Needless to say I just wasted $44.95 this past weekend on the UFC fight, which for all intensive purposes was a joke! I mean 3 of the main card fights stunk (including this gem Starnes v Quarry at least they cancelled Starnes' contract this afternoon, but that ain't getting me back my $45), and Dana White gave out the bonuses for fight of the night, submission of the night, and knockout of the night to three fights all on the undercard, which in his infinite wisdom he decides not to show on the 3 hour PPV. How is it possible that you have 3 hours of alloted time and can only show 4-6 fights, but if I buy the DVD the entire disc with all of the fights (including prelim's) are included at only 170 minutes...last time I checked that's less than 3 hours! Am I missing something? Aside from the next PPV? All I can say is...bring back the Pride Fighting Championships!

With that said, I have received a few mp3's and an amazing album by M83 (Saturdays=Youth), which I thoroughly apologize for not reviewing. For those of you that don't know about M83, his albums are always worthy of the attention that they seem to get and in my opinion well-deserving of more attention! His newest creation is by no means an exception! For fans of laid-back electronic compositions, his albums always have multiple layers that necessitate multiple listens, akin to a Pink Floyd disc! Anyway, I cannot recommend the album highly enough, so if you haven't bought it go get it! (not that I'm forcing you!!) You can check out a few mp3's below from the album below.

Graveyard Girl
Kim & Jessie

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