Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Team Genius

I just got in the mail today a bunch of stuff from a new band from Brooklyn Team Genius. I must admit I hadn't heard of them before, but based on the strength of these two tracks that won't be the case for long! Their debut EP, Hooray, was just released February 26, 2008, and the band is now touring New York, and has 5 dates planned. They have been compared to Animal Collective, which I agree with, but I think they sound more akin to The Thermals playing Moldy Peaches and Arcade Fire tunes. Definitely an interesting listen!

Check out a few tunes:
Sing Song
I'm Just An Idiot

Buy the EP: Insound

Tour Dates:
03/10 New York, NY @ Trash Bar
03/14 New York, NY @ The Annex
04/02 Brooklyn, NY @ Don Pedro's
04/18 New York, NY @ Fontana's
05/01 Brooklyn, NY @ Monkeytown
05/08 New York, NY @ Monkeytown

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