Thursday, March 06, 2008

Billie Burke Estate

If you've had a hankering for some Americana, vintage, singer/songwriter, pop I've got your hookup...Check out the new album by one-man-band (and producer) Andy Liotta, AKA Billie Burke Estate, entitled "Let Your Heart Break." It's funny because he looks a lot like my wife's-cousin's-husband [I think I just broke a blog record for the most hyphens in one post!]. The album consists of twelve tracks, all of which you can stream here. His previous album received various glowing reviews, and by the sound of it, this one will as well. BBE includes comparisons on his website for his music from Harry Nilson and Cat Stevens to Stevie Wonder and Queen. I personally think he sounds a lot like Guster, so that'd be my vantage point.

A few tunes to grab your attention:
I Can Float
Everybody's Gonna Die

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