Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Goldfrapp - Seventh Tree

Goldfrapp - "Seventh Tree" - due out February 26, 2008 on Mute Records
In one word, scrumtrelescent. Okay, to expand on that thought I have to put it out there immediately that I think Seventh Tree is a huge step forward for the duo known as Goldfrapp. This album takes the normal pageantry of Goldfrapp's more straight-forward dance albums into a more mellow lounge-esque type atmosphere. What is showcased throughout this album, which is less readily apparent in their previous work, is Allison Goldfrapp's immense vocals, which are much more prominent in the new arrangements, which Will Gregory pulled off masterfully.

The album starts off with "Clowns", a stripped down almost lullaby that includes only an acoustic guitar accompaniment to Allison's vocals, that sounds as though it should be a duet with Jose Gonzalez, that is easily one of my favorites thus far. From this point the songs become more complex, as seen in the third song, "Happiness" which is reminiscent to the "dancier" arrangements seen on "Supernature", and is extremely catchy from the onset. Other standouts include "A&E", the seemingly Air-inspired "Cologne Cerrone Houdini", and "Caravan Girl".

Overall the songs on this album appear to show a more mature version of the duo, although as they have proven time and time again this is part of the allure of Goldfrapp in that they never attempt to duplicate their sounds from album to album. This album beckons multiple listens (I've listened to it through 4 times since I got it yesterday) and I'm still finding nuances that I had missed in earlier listens, and different songs pop to the forefront as favorites.

You can view the video for the song "A&E" here.
You can hear "A&E" here: RAM, Windows Media

Pre-order/Buy the album: Insound, iTunes, Amazon

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