Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Choke: The Movie

Well, according to the folks over at the Cult, Chuck has announced that production of the movie-version of Choke on June 18th! For the uninitiated, Choke is an outstanding book by Chuck Palahniuk that rates in my top 3-5 books of all time (there are a few classics that I have a hard time letting go of). The movie will star Sam Rockwell in the lead role of Victor Mancini, and the film will be directed by Clark Gregg. I for one, am so excited about this finally getting going. Chuck has stated numerous times that the next books of his to be turned into a movie would be Choke, and it seemed like it was just never going to happen! Can't wait. I promise to keep you posted.

A reminder that Rant: is out today!!! Go get your copy!

Also remember next Wednesday Chuck and Irvine Welsh are going to answer questions and read at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square (NYC).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

have you found any reviews from this event? i keep searching but am finding nothing.

3:21 PM  

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