Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sorry for the lack of updates!

Yeah...I've been incredibly busy recently with personal stuff and a TON of work, and oh yeah a few of my friends just turned 30! Anyway I've actually been quite a busy guy in my absence from the posting world. I've been getting a bunch of demo's recently and I figured I'd drop some love as a way to kick start myself blogging! So here goes:

Beautiful Lunar Landscape - "Alone in this Dark Romantic Night"

For the uninitiated out there, Beautiful Lunar Landscape is a six-piece band hailing from the Bordeaux region of France, who manage to put out some of the best "post-rock"
I've heard recently! Think Slint, which should be easier now considering they're playing live again, but with a tinge of Tanakh-esque orchestration and a steady diet of Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky. I don't mean to compare them, but more to explain their sound.

I fell in love with these guys last year after hearing a couple of songs on their myspace page, and Benjamin so kindly sent me out a copy to review. They have just released (now a few weeks ago) their 2nd demo EP "Alone in this Dark Romantic Night". The EP contains four tracks that expand on the sound from their first EP that I reviewed back in
June of 2006, including female vocals on some of the tracks (
"Alone in this Dark Romantic Night" & "Crystallized Facing This Empty Screen, I Wish the Film Could Never End")!

I can't recommend checking these guys out enough, as I said before I'm still hoping for a US tour at some point, but all of you reading from Europe please be on the lookout for one of their shows...from the footage they have on their
myspace page they are not to be missed! Because there are only four tracks on the disc, I'm only going to post one song.

Alone in this Dark Romantic Night

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Blogger Micky67 said...

great band which i found out about from this site. I fowarded their demo to Cam @ Hidden Shoal and it looks quite promising that we will be seeing some fresh material on the australian label

8:47 AM  

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