Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mogwai - Covering the Pixies!

Well, it's sort of official...Mogwai will be covering Gouge Away on the upcoming tribute to the Pixies "Dig For Fire: A Pixies Tribute". There is no more interesting track that the 'gwai could have chosen to also happens to be one of my favorite Pixies tracks too! You can read more about this from the Pixies myspace blog below:

"I first started talking to Stuart from Mogwai in 2004 when he emailed to let me know they were opening for the Pixies in Paris, and if I could make sure it was posted on Being a huge fan of theirs, I replied back and we emailed back and forth a bit. Later, Mogwai were part of the Cure's Curiosa festival that I was catching at Randalls Island in NYC. I emailed him again, and over the years we've kept in touch here and there.

When I started thinking about bands I wanted on this Pixies tribute, Mogwai almost immediately came to mind, as I know they are huge Pixies fans. I emailed Stuart, asking him if they'd be interested. Keep in mind, they were pretty much the first band I approached for this project, and I still had no idea if bands I liked would even want to cover Pixies tracks at this point. Stuart replied with a big YES, and said they wanted to do 'Gouge Away.'

Since posting the list of bands for this tribute, the emails and messages we get all seem to be asking 'what track is Mogwai gonna do?', so here you go.

Gouge Away

Sean T. Rayburn
PixiesMusic/American Laundromat Records"

The list of bands to be included on the tribute is outstanding! Read below for the full list:
Bedroom Walls, British Sea Power, Bunnies, Charles Douglas, David Miller, Dylan In The Movies, Elk City
Fashion Victims, Joe Harvard Band, John Strohm, Joy Zipper, Julie Peel, Knife and Fork (featuring Eric Drew Feldman), Mogwai, Morning Theft, OK Go, PC Munoz, The Commons, The Rosebuds, They Might Be Giants

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