Monday, March 05, 2007

James (the Band) News

I meant to post about this last week, but it somehow slipped through the cracks! Anyway the tour dates for James' reunion tour have been announced and are shown below. The bad news first, there are no US/North American dates for the tour, which centers around the UK for the most part including some random secret gigs that I'm sure will be next to impossible to get tickets even if you live in the UK! But there is still reason to rejoice because the band is apparently working on a new album, read below:

This whole thing came about in November when Jimmy, Larry and I first met in Manchester. I was seeing my mum up in Yorkshire and I said I'd go along and see the guys. They'd asked me a year or two earlier and it hadn't felt right. But now things were starting to happen and I felt as if my life was taking me towards them. James kept cropping up everywhere.

Larry rang me a week later and asked me to call in and meet up and I said "OK, but let's meet up and jam". That's how we communicated best so it was "let's go and do that" and we did it for a couple of days. And we came up with lots of songs or beginnings of songs. And it was great fun. We communicated very differently and we'd really moved on. The six years had done us good. We were really enjoying each other's company which had not always been the case.

Peter (Rudge, James' manager) heard about it and got excited and spoke to Simon Moran (SJM Concerts) about a possible tour. The thing just escalated like a snowball. And I was saying "yes" to most things that came my way at that point. Larry and Jimmy were first very against doing a tour, they wanted to get the music together, maybe get an album together and then do a tour. But it just kind of fell into our laps and we agreed to do it.

You can read more about Tim's "blog" here, it's quite interesting, especially the "Pixies" mention!!!

REUNION TOUR: (hopefully just stage 1)
Tuesday April 17 - Dublin Olympia
Friday April 20 - Glasgow Academy
Saturday April 21 - Glasgow Academy
Monday April 23 - Newcastle Academy
Tuesday April 24 - Birmingham Academy
Thursday April 26 - London Brixton Academy
Friday April 27 - London Brixton Academy
Saturday April 28 - Manchester Arena
Saturday July 7 - T In The Park (main stage)
Saturday August 18 - Stafford Weston Park V Festival
Sunday August 19 - Chelmsford Hylands Park V Festival

Here's to hoping there's more to come, including a new album! You can read my first rant about the reunion here.

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