Saturday, February 24, 2007

Some Recent New Bands I've Been Listening To...

Over the past few weeks I've been getting quite a bit of great new music, from bands I found on myspace, to albums sent to me from Vice Recordings/Musebox and Resonant Records. Overall they've been insanely good, and highly recommended. Below are a few of these bands, and I'll be adding more to this list over the coming days/weeks.

Ölvis - Bravado (Resonant)
Ölvis is the work of a one-man-band by the name of Orlygur Thor Orlygsson. Bravado is his third release, which finds him once again blending ethereal orchestration with a psuedo-bluesy pop songstructure. Some of his songs have been compared to Richard Hawley, which I tend to agree with, although the post-rock/sigur rós connection is strong throughout the album (although the lyrics are all sung in Icelandic, and not Hopelandic or English). Highly recommended for anyone looking to expand their musical library into somewhat uncharted territories!

The Future Is Now

Eliza Lumley - She Talks in Maths
Wow, how can you combine the sublime sonic textures of Radiohead with a jazzy-enchantress? Is that legal? Much less make it a beautiful actress turned singer (kind of more talented than that Tom Waits cover album). Eliza turned 10 Radiohead tracks into some of the most laid back jazz ensembles, with her insanely impressive voice overlaid that bears more than a subtle resemblance to Tori Amos (the piano in all of the songs only adds to this comparison). With all of the hype that surround Christopher O'Reilly's orchestral cover album of Radiohead songs, I can only hope and imagine that Eliza gets her fair share of press coverage. Highly recommended.

Street Spirit (fade out)

Les Breastfeeders - Les matins de grands soirs (Vice Recordings/Musebox)
Les Breastfeeders are a five-piece post-punk, French-speaking, band out of Montréal, Québec. The band will be playing at SxSW at Maggie's Bar on Thursday, March 15th. The album, although sung entirely in French and therefore completely confusing to me, is definitely catch-y! The drumming is outstanding throughout, extremely fast, but not overpowering, and the dual-singers add substantial depth to the vocals! It's hard to compare them to anyone that I can think of, but they do have some vague similarities to bands like the Vines or Horrors, albeit a bit calmer. The female vocals on some of the songs definitely create an interesting vibe. Another band I would highly recommend.

Viens avec moi

Unfortunately I can't seem to find anywhere to buy any of these albums yet, although I'm sure in the coming months they will all be added to the iTunes store. I would recommend hitting your local record shop (Soundfix Records) though and asking if they can order a copy for you.

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