Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Elliott Smith - Goldmine?!

According to a recent post on Filter Magazine's site, Kill Rock Stars will be releasing a treasure trove of Elliott Smith rarities, entitled "New Moon", encompasing his entire career, over two-discs! The sheer thought of 24 new (or mostly new) Elliott Smith songs is enough to keep me up at night! The album is scheduled for release May 8th, and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the album will go to benefit the Portland, OR based social service organization Outside In, which aids homeless youth. The track listing is as follows:

New Moon:

Disc 1
"Angel in the Snow"
"Talking to Mary"
"High Times"
"New Monkey"
"Looking Over My Shoulder"
"Going Nowhere"
"Riot Coming"
"All Cleaned Out"
"First Timer"
"Go By"
"Miss Misery" (early version)

Disc 2
"Georgia Georgia"
"Whatever (Folk Song In C)"
"Big Decision"
"New Disaster"
"Seen How Things Are Hard"
"Fear City"
"Pretty Mary K" (other version)
"Almost Over"
"See You Later"
"Half Right"

You can read the actual press release from Kill Rock Stars on the official elliott smith site Sweet Adeline!

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