Monday, January 22, 2007

James to Re-form?!?

Holy, crap so much good news for just one day! My heart can't take this all! Another of my all-time favorite bands has decided to re-form. According to Filter Magazine, and Tim Booth's official page the group James (who some of you may recall from the song "Laid" that is an all-time classic) has decided to reform for a couple of live shows in "early 2007". I'm PRAYING that they will include some US dates in the tour.

My only live experience with the band was amazing, especially considering it was during a Lollapalooza festival that was headlined by Korn and Tool, which attracted an all-too-meatheaded crowd, that mercilessly chanted for Korn to come out, to which Tim Booth replied "Your beloved Korn will come out at 6:45 PM, that's when the little hand is facing down and the big hand is facing to the left!" It was a classic moment!

You can keep up to date, although I will keep this page up-to-date to the best of my ability, by checking out the bands unofficial site, and their soon-to-be-redone official site.



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