Saturday, January 13, 2007

Clark - Here Comes Tomorrow

First off, sorry for the lack of updates, it's been a sickly start to the new year and I really haven't been able to get on-line much to write anything. But the good news is that I've received a ton of new albums to review which have all be quite impressive!

So to start off the new year's reviews I've decided to put up my recommendation for a three-piece band on the Silent Film Records label, that hail from one of the most beautiful areas of all of the continental US, that few people know about...Lompoc, California (between Santa Barbara & Santa Maria). The group, Clark, was started by Gabriel Friley, his wife Dana Friley, and a close friend Andy White in 2005, "to promote classic psychedelic rock and hushed rock 'n roll."

Their debut album, "Here Comes Tomorrow", achieves that goal with astounding success! Since receiving this album in the mail I have been listening to it non-stop on my iPod and at my computer (my car CD player is still dysfunctional!) and it has turned me into an instant fan. Gabriel is one of the nicest people I've met through myspace "friendship", and he truly shocked me when he sent me this disc. The three songs I had heard on their myspace page did not fully prepare me for how outstanding this debut really is.

The songs blend the Simon & Garfunkel song structures with a hushed-vocal delivery that is reminiscent of the best Sam Beam songs I can recall, although the lyrics tend to lean towards a Nick Drake comparison. There is even a slight hint of Elliott Smith to a few of the tracks, although I tend to see a more stark resemblance to Iron & Wine throughout the majority of the album, which I mean as the highest compliment.

Overall I fell in love with the album as a whole and a few of the tracks have already become some of my "Top 25 most played". Some of my favorites are "Well Spring", Lost, and After Hours.

If, like me, this album just makes you want more here is some good news from the band:


The second Clark full length compilation is in the works!!! Dec. 21, 2006 we began laying down new tracks on our first song -- "Strawberry Silhoette". It's really going to be something special. Some titles in the mix of possibility are:

1. Strawberry Silhoette
2. Merlot Painted Coat
3. You Make The Most Mountanous Mountain Out Of Me
4. But OOO You're Glued To Me
5. Ode To Elvis
6. You Spun The Web Which Was My Heart
7. Put Your Hand Into Your Spirit And Say Heavens Yes
8. The Moon Is Bright But It's Not The Only One
9. Everyone's On Your Side
10. Yesterday Was A New Day

Stay Tuned!!! We hoped to have something out by the end of 2007, but we're more concerned about quality than finishing quickly. To be continued...



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