Friday, December 22, 2006

Top 5 Concerts I attended

Okay another list, but a much shorter one I promise! Below is the list of my top 5 concerts I attended in 2006.

Top concerts :
10. -
Fruit Bats at the Mercury Lounge (4/28/06) - You can read my short review of the show here, but it was a great way to celebrate my birthday!

9. - Massive Attack at the Roseland Ballroom (10/5/06) - Crap crowd, but an insane performance! I never really reviewed this show, but I can definitely sum it up by saying that it was an honor to finally see the group perform, and I can say without hesitation that they put on an insanely good show!!

9. - Arab Strap at Southpaw (4/7/06) - I didn't write a review, stup
idly, and didn't post any pictures (none of them came out) but this show was amazing! Unfortunately I had to leave early, little did I know the band would break up some six months later! Figures!

8. - Badly Drawn Boy at Hiro Ballroom (10/12/06) - Great show, Damon's girlfriend Claire came on stage for a duet, and he truly seemed to enjoy himself. Again the venue albeit intimate was lackluster, due to its nightclub priority and kicking the band out at 11:00. You can read my rev
iew and see pictures here.

8. - Tapes 'n Tapes at the Bowery Ballroom (6/6/06) - An amazing show, that made me realize just how damn good this band really is! My wife became an instant lifetime fan after this one! You can read my review and see pictures here.

7. - Jason Lytle at Joes Pub (7/24/06) - One of the most intimate (non-instore performances) I have ever attended. We managed to secure a table at the front of the stage right in the center, which is about as good a spot as I've ever seen/gotten to a show in my life. Jason played a bunch of songs from the Grandaddy catalog and truly seemed to enjoy every minute of it! Great show, and I can only hope he comes back around again really soon, and hopefully plays at the same venue! You can see pictures and read my review here.

6. - The National & Baby Dayliner at Webster Hall (5/21/06) - This show cemented my love for the National (not that it was really in question) and actually caused me t
o come away with the wrong impression of Baby Dayliner. I have since become hooked on the one-man-band, and sincerely apologize for the comments I posted on him at the time. But to defend myself somewhat, he was not AT ALL what I had expected, and was quite comical. You can read my review and see pictures here.

5. - Kooks instore at the FixCafe (10/28/06) - A two person set of intimate acoustic tunes, by one of the most impressive newcomers to the British music scene! I was floored by how good they sounded, met the guys both before and after the show. Very down-to-earth, despite their status on both sides of the pond. My only complaint was that I never got into the show at Northsix afterwards, and this in-store got me completely jonesin' to see a full set! You can read my short review of the show and see pictures here.

4. - Mogwai at Webster Hall (5/13/06) - Another brilliant performance by a stunning band. The setlist for this show was so incredible it depresses me to think that I missed two of my favorite songs because my wife was not feeling well. You can read my review and see pictures here.

3. - Arctic Monkeys at Webster Hall (3/25/06) - Absolutely brilliant performance, that I was only able to attend because my wife's friend, who at the time worked for a m
agazine got us in through press passes. This is truly one of the most impressive live bands I have ever seen, and I can ensure you that if you have the chance to see them do not hesitate they will not disappoint! For some reason I never reviewed this show, which is a disappointment to me as well. Sorry guys but my pseudo-post does include links to other peoples reviews which you can see here.

2. - Band of Horses at the Bowery Ballroom - My wife and I got front and center for this one, and it was another stunner! I wrote a whole review on the show which you can read here and took some pictures too, but to sum it up in one word, Brilliant!

1. - Mogwai at the Avalon (3/6/06) - This is easily one of my all-time favorite shows I have ever attended. I was shocked at how loud and brilliant one band could be. This show even converted my wife, who had initially been disinterested in the band because "the songs don't have any lyrics so how good could they be". By the end of this show, she agreed with me how talented they were, and we subsequently went on to see them again at Webster Hall a few months later. You can read my review of the show here.

Honorable mention:
1. - Should've made the list, but it wasn't actually a concert, but Chuck Palahniuk's book signing at the (crappy) Strand Bookstore was insane. He read a new story "Mr. Elegant" which brought the house down (you can read part of it here) and proved just how impressive an author he really is. Since this reading I managed to write the author (as I posted here) and he replied with a box of goodies, including two cd's of him reading from his various book signings/readings over the years! Truly a great man, and definitely one of the greatest authors I've ever read! You can read my review and see pictures of the book signing/reading here.
2. - Snowden at Sin-e (8/25/06) - You can read my review and see pictures here.
3. - Asobi Seksu instore at the FixCafe - I didn't write much and only posted on picture (here), but it was an impressive showing and I would highly recommend seeing them if you get a chance.



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two mogwai's shows in one year!

and you said i was spoiled!!

Good lists and some stuff i havent heard before. Glad you also got the CBP album

merry christmas

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