Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A new band to Check Out

The Dandelion Council
The Dandelion Council is a group out of Altadena, California (the nice sunny southern part!), I was jealous from the first mention of them! Their myspace page says that they play Christian/Electro/Folk, which was more than enough to catch my attention. The description listed for the band is as follows:

strongly influenced by summer nights, fields of grass rippling in the wind, the smell of wet earth, lens flares, sun beams, cricketsongs, fireflies, and the like. an extensive portion of the dandelion council's master tapes were allegedly found buried underneath an ancient oak tree in the san gabriel mountains of southern california. the music was apparently produced at various points between 1976 and 1983. allegedly.

Their demo was quite captivating and hard not to try to listen to repeatedly to hear more deeply. The track Best Friend Forever is amazing, and highly recommended for the uninitiated. You can hear the aforementioned song, and other on their myspace page, and hopefully a full-length in the near future.



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