Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Crippled Black Phoenix

Holy crap! That's about the extent of what I can say! I had the opportunity to listen to the fully mastered version of the upcoming debut of Crippled Black Phoenix! This was actually more torture than you can imagine, because it's just going to make the wait for the US tour that much harder to bear! I'm not alone is my fervent adoration of this musical conglomerate, check out Micky's page (Boring Machines Disturb Sleep) for loads of references and reviews, as well as an impressive interview with Justin (who was so kind as to hook me up with an advanced copy of the album).

Overall the album touches on most if not all of the cornerstones of any good worthwhile art/post-rock album, and adds textures on top of textures that warrant repeated listens, which can be said for all of the twelve tracks on the album! The album is by far one of the most interesting pieces of music to come out in the last number of years, and while it shares a lot in common with the 'gwai soundscape, it also manages to touch on other styles of instrumental and subtle texture-driven genres! This is without a doubt one of the most impressive debuts I've ever heard! Below is a track review for some of th tracks on the album:

1. -
The Lament of the Nithered Mercenary - The album starts off with a 2:36 "sea chanty-esque" ditty that even includes the sounds of rolling ocean waves. This might explain the multiple water/ocean references in the artwork that has been featured on the bands myspace and official pages.

2. - Really, How'd it get this way? - Clocks in a nearly 5 minutes, and showcases the vocal stylings of the band and has an almost Stranglers' type feel, with a lullaby waltz timing. This is one of my favorite tracks of the year, and I've only really been able to listen to it a handful of times.

3. -
The Whistler - Is an instrumental track that will be somewhat familiar to those familiar with the bands myspace page, as you can listen (and for a short time you were able to d/l) the track there. This is a very complex tune, that illustrates the bands art-rock side, and is yet another standout from the album. As a listener it becomes clear that the song contains multiple movements and is definitely in the vein of early Mogwai and even has a slight Ride feel to it. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

6. - Long Gone Summer - Is a beautiful GYBE! style instrumental with some distorted sampled vocals over a solo guitar plucking, which ebbs & flows throughout the tracks whopping 10:34 length. The guitar parts for the song blend with the pseudo-vocals beautifully.

7. - Goodnight, Europe - Is probably my favorite track on the album and proves just how captivating the group can truly be. It starts off with a slow strum, and slowly builds to a hard-to-call-it upbeat section, where the duet vocals come in that only last for one minute. Then the song changes its course through a short guitar picking section, and the course changes again although the vocals come back. This movement last until around 4:40 and the song changes its tempo back to the beginning section which carries through to the end of the song! This is yet another of the songs the band has up on its myspace page. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Overall, this is a stunner of an album, and are going to make the next few weeks waiting for the album to be released in late January 2007 brutal. The band has expressed plans to do a US tour, which will be a must-see for myself, and highly recommended for those of you that follow the art/post-rock scene!



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