Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Beirut Tour Cancelled!

Holy crap...this couldn't be any worse of news! I'm so bummed it's not even funny, this was the one show my wife and I had been excited about for the past 3 months! I had missed out on every one of Beirut's previous NYC dates due to family obligations and holiday get-togethers...and we were finally going on Wednesday. Anyway apparently the tour had begun to take its toll on Zach, culminating in his hospitalization for exhaustion. So our best wishes go out to Zach, along with a sincere request/plea for the Bowery shows to be rescheduled! Below is Zach's Brother's post on his official page:

"November 14

It is with great regret that we must cancel the upcoming Beirut shows. This was an extremely difficult decision to make, and was only decided on after doing everything we possibly could to make it work out.

This is Beirut’s first-ever tour, and while the band played some of the greatest shows of their lives, the attendant stress of organizing and traveling with a full-blown, 12-person orkestar took its toll. Having put all of his energy into each and every performance, Zach was briefly hospitalized for extreme exhaustion.

The band hopes to reschedule some of the shows in the future. Zach, meanwhile, is attempting to channel the spirit of Jacques Brel using a cowbell and a gong.

According to Zach’s brother, Ryan:

Having downed a bottle of rancid French wine on the Ile-De-La-Cite (Perrin was threatening to jump in the Séine in honor of his Parisian amour) Zach began to quote Flaubert from memory. Flaubert was not welcome that beautiful night in the city of lights. Violins and accordions were consecrated in piss and vinegar before Jim Morrison's grave. "Jim Morrison was a shaman!" Paul cried. A lone French orphan draped in purple rags wept for all our American sins.

The next morning Zach got lost in the Louvre. "Cubism is a farce,” he whispered to a overweight Dutch tourist. Under the English Channel, en route to London, Zach noted the relative comfort of being "chunneled". In a dank Soho apothecary he sought a remedy for exhaustion and aversion to French bedbugs. The apothecary tried vainly to quote Prince Charles recent royal address to the greater public of Britian: "In light of having seen my wife unrobed and wigless in the disingenuous florescent light of a cheap hotel room, I do apologize to the nation and myself for unquestioning faith in her eternal beauty. She is old and ugly and so am I." That is funny Zach dourly noted, but it does not help me at all not one bloody bit. “I must return to New Mexico to decompress.” Parliament was eerily quiet. One cannot argue with the plain truth."


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