Saturday, October 14, 2006

Vic Spanner - Best New Composer

How do you begin to describe an album (or various albums) by a composer who describes himself as follows:

"Vic Spanner, the secret, illegitimate love child of DJ Shadow and Benny Hill, was found wandering the Kent countryside four years ago and was brought back to civilisation, or Tenterden, which is almost the same thing. He was a feral snarling beast of a creature, covered head to toe in hair (so much so that it had grown over his eyes, preventing him from ever knowing where he was going). Vic had survived all these years in the wilderness by feeding on insects, birds, otters, hikers and the occasional farmer who had wandered into his mouth by mistake.

Once introduced to the world as a clean-shaven "man", Vic began to eat properly and instead of consuming various woodland folk, he developed a voracious appetite for music and was forced to take up a career in music production to rid himself of all he devoured. He is still dealing with issues relating to heavy metal and disco, but is otherwise proud to love all music, despite his urge to destroy most of it and rearrange it in strange new shapes. He has never had any concept of traditional notions such as tunes, melody, song structure or logic, but still managed to learn his way around a computer and over the years has amassed a small arsenal of instruments (none of which he can play properly) and other objects that he hopes will someday sing for him. With these things and the help of passers by, he already has nine albums under his belt, with a further three in production. Current speculation in the scientific community suggests that Vic is actually living in dog years, which would account for his prolific output, though it has been said that he does this just to annoy his fellow musicians. A more likely story is that he simply has nothing else to do with his time and often has a very short attention span.

And so Vic Spanner dwells in his bedroom studio, concocting strange brews of hip hop, folk, jazz, electronica and some things that he doesn't have names for. It is his dream that one day people will pay him to do this, at which time he believes his inspiration will dry up and he can finally enter society a well-adjusted musical butcher.

Vic Spanner is 206."

When being serious, which is not too familiar for Vic Spanner (AKA Mark Beechill), he has a tendency to exhibit some truth and honesty but try as best as he can to hide it in irony and humour. He's more than an intriguing person to correspond with as you could probably figure out.

Now, to get on with the review of his music...Well I guess you can begin by saying that his compositions are stellar, and definitely of the otherworldly variation! This could be due to the fact that he refuses to learn how to play any of his instruments properly. I stumbled onto his myspace site a few months back, and with just 1 listen to a few of his tracks I was totally and completely hooked. It would be nearly impossible to compare him to just one artist, which I guess means he has succeeded in defying genre pigeonholing. A few of Vic Spanner's do tend to seem familiar to some Aphex Twin/Boards of Canada tunes I have heard, but a straight comparison wouldn't truly apply.

In the span of eight years, he's amassed 11 Vic Spanner albums. In 2006 alone, he is planning to release two full-length LP's and a handful of EP's. While his songs are conglomerations of sounds, they all manage to sound unique when the "noise" is mixed together. The best recommendation I can give you is to just give some of his music a listen...

Give a few of these tracks a listen...


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Blogger Micky67 said...

Hey, good stuff here. I've got a few of his releases too, I've written a review as well, and should have it up this weekend.

Have you heard his work as Bonehill, now that is seriously warped stuff

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Blogger iworkatinitech said...

Only EP #1, which I really liked. He almost has a "Books" type sound, if you know who they are...the whole everything including the kitchen sink production.

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