Monday, October 16, 2006

The Shins release "Wincing the Night Away" track list

The Shins have finally announced the 11-song track list for their upcoming album, "Wincing the Night Away". You can read a short piece on the upcoming album on Pitchfork here. The album is due out January 23rd!

01 Sleeping Lessons
02 Australia
03 Pam Berry
04 Phantom Limb
05 Sea Legs
06 Red Rabbits
07 Turn on Me
08 Black Wave
09 Spilt Needles
10 Girl Sailor
11 A Comet Appears

In addition
, Pitchfork has just posted two reviews of interest, to me at least, today. They gave 120 days, a brilliant band out of Norway, a great review and a score of 7.6. I can't decide for myself about the score as I have yet to hear the whole album, but from what I have heard it's probably understated (! The second review I took note of was the review of Darkel's debut album, which they gave a scathing review of and a score of only 4.7! I couldn't disagree more with this one...I mean I don't think it's quite as good as "Walkie Talkie" or "Premier Symptomes" but it is by far better than the 4.7 Pitchfork gave them.


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