Monday, October 09, 2006

Sebadoh - Re-unites?!

Holy crap! I can't believe what I'm reading! Pitchfork just posted a story about the original line-up of Sebadoh re-uniting! Yes, Lou Barlow just posted on his site, that the line-up consisting of Lou, Jason Loewenstein, and Eric Gaffney will be touring and possibly recording in the Spring of 2007 (2/25/07-4/07)! This has to be some of the best news I've heard this year!!!


Blogger keep-it-like-a-secret said...

always the best Lou Barlow outfit. f*ck folk implosion.

the tension between Lou's songs and Jason Lowenstein's is pretty intense to see live. will be cool to see the original lineup. didn't Gaffney write some/most of III??

11:04 PM  
Blogger iworkatinitech said...

I seriously can't even fathom seeing them together as they used to be! I admit I caught on WAY late, but hopefully I can catch one of these spring shows!!!

6:50 AM  

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