Monday, September 11, 2006

Worth Checking Out

I just noticed on Large Hearted Boy's site, that there is a new recording of Mogwai's show (that's a Soundboard Matrix), at Die Röhre in Stuttgart, Germany, that took place on September 5th, 2006. Here is a review I found on the brightlight website:

"from james:

a nice gig from mogwai last night. it was a little more downtempo and subdued than some i´ve been to - interesting to see the band play in a foreign land to a small but appreciative crowd. good performance but i think the band are still warming up after having a break/travelling - so it was good but they weren´t quite "there" with it all. or maybe they´re getting used to playing this set a bit too much. the politest crowd i´ve been in - completely quiet during songs and just some appreciative clapping between songs. de rosa supported. there are at least 4 (!) audio recordings.

look forward to seeing them again on sunday in frankfurt."

Here's the link to d/l the VBR mp3 version of the show, or you can go here and get the FLAC versions.


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