Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Soulchasm - Love Is Real EP

A one-man electronic band, Eric Dillon is a man on a mission. Since starting the Soulchasm project in 1999, he has released four albums, "My Greatest Choice" EP, "Release Her" remix disc, "So Persistent", and limited release "Love Is Real" EP, the former three were completely one-man shows. In 2001 Eric began working with Shawn Spencer on new tracks that were intended to bring the Soulchasm project in a new direction, namely "industrial" electronica. The five-song EP, "Love is Real," was the result of their work together and features songs varying from early Stabbing Westward (Love is Real), Gravity Kills (Carry on), to Pop Will Eat Itself (So persistant). Overall the album translates out well into a great blend of industrial and electronica.

Eric is currently working on his first full-length album which is planned for an early 2007 release.

Essential Tracks
So Persistant (cold into the wired mix)

Carry On


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