Thursday, September 21, 2006

Great New Site - Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Don't feel like you're getting enough of the art/post-rock flavor here? Need a little bit of a Scottish fix? Just want to find another site to grab some information on new bands that you're almost certain to like?

Check out Boring Machines Disturb Sleep (great title, taken from a track on the album "Happy Songs for Happy People" by Mogwai), which is run by a guy named Michael, who happens to be from Scotland. Thanks to him, I'm now searching high and low for albums/demo's or whatever from Parkside and Our Sleepless Forest!

Now while the site is amazing, it's also quite annoying to me because he's gloating about going to see Mogwai at the Barrowlands this coming Saturday, which is totally uncalled for! If you don't agree check out the setlist/reviews of the last few times the band played there.



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