Thursday, September 21, 2006

First the good news - Crippled Black Phoenix!

(Dominic Aitchison)
First the good news! "IT'S DONE" Yep, Crippled Black Phoenix's album is done. But to go along with that message there is a slight bit of bad news. The band posted a message today stating the following:

"I havent got much time but just to let you all know that the recording/mixing for the album is complete, but you'll have to wait a little longer to get a copy, we've decided to put the release date back untill January '07. It'll give us all a chance to breathe and arrange some more live shows for around that time or soon after.

For now we'll be playing the four (4) shows in October and at these shows we'll also release a limited 10" vinyl."

The full tracklist for "A Love of Shared Disasters" is....

1. The Lament of the Nithered Mercinary (intro)
2. When You're Gone
3. Really, How'd it get this way?
4. The Whistler
5. Supppose i told the truth (why i went away)
6. Long Cold Summer
7. Goodnight, Europe
8. You Take the Devil out of Me
9. The Northern Cobbler
10. My Enemies I Fear Not, But Protect me from my Friends
11. I'm Almost Home
12. Sharks & Storms / Blizzard of Horned Cats


Blogger Micky67 said...

I didnt realise there would be a 10" for sale!!!

I think the fact that the album is delayed will only heighten the and mystery of CBP

One draw back is, it won't get the chance to feature on my album's of the year list in December

3:50 AM  
Blogger iworkatinitech said...

Yeah, I'm wishing that they would make it available in the states! It sucks, that most good vinyl is made in and for European release!

7:19 AM  

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