Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fields - 7 from the Village

Wow, that's pretty much all I can say about this EP. I was given a copy of this and within one listen through I was hooked. The Fields are a five-piece band from Birmingham/Rekjavik/London (random I know) that have a uniquely familiar sound that brings indie rock (a la DCFC), to edges of shoe-gazing (which if you read this page enough you'll see I have a love for the shoegaze!), and post-folk. It's hard to describe their sound, other than utterly enjoyable. The "7 from the Village" EP contains, quite obviously, seven tracks each as catchy as the previous. Give the songs below a listen and let me know if you agree. My only complaint, why only an EP, give us a full-length!

For further information you can read a fairly in-depth analysis of the band on Drowned In Sound here.

Essential Tracks
Song for the Fields (my personal favorite)
Charming the Flames
Brittle Sticks

They also have a video for one of the songs - "Songs for the Fields", which you can check out here.

They also have some US tour dates upcoming that you should definitely check out!
2 October - Mercury Lounge - NYC - tix are $15
4 October - Troubadour - Los Angeles (with The Dears)
5 October - Popscene - San Francisco (with The Dears)


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