Friday, September 08, 2006

Brewtopia News

Okay now I'm not sure who it was that left the comment, but I received a new comment to a post I made in June about the Brewtopia festival and my hopes that three breweries would be attending. Needless to say the comment stated that unfortunately those breweries would not be there, even though the organizers did there best to get them there. Here's the post, again I'm not sure who it was that left it, as it was signed "anonymous".

Anonymous said...

Three Floyds, Russian River and Pizza Port have all declined to attend. These are friends of mine, all of them, and unfortunately, the logistics of getting to New York, considering all of their other issues, makes it impossible for this festival. Perhaps the next one. Anwyay, the petition should go to the aforementioned brewers, not the festival organizers who happen to really know beer and brewers and have been working quite dilligently to make certain the best of the best do indeed participate if at all possible.
11:36 AM

As of today the brewery/beer list is available here.


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