Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Badly Drawn Boy's Newest Video

Yes, I'm not sure who it was that actually posted it first, but I sort of obsconded Badly Drawn Boy's video for "Nothings Gonna Change Your Mind" from Monkfeesh's itcamefromtheunderground site. Anyway, without further adieu here it is:

"Nothings Gonna Change Your Mind"

Just for kicks here's some links to some of his older and also impressive video's for you to check out:

"Once Around the Block"
"You Were Right"
"Year of the Rat"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, YouTube had the video up first.
I just noticed it mentioned on the official BDB forum, so i thought i would embed the video on my page.
im going to do an xvid rip of the video from my digital box when i get the chance, then i will probably have that on the site to download.
Cheers for the link to my site


10:06 AM  

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