Friday, August 25, 2006

True or Untrue?

Well Pitchfork has just posted a story about Porishead putting new songs up on their myspace site, and just today Porishead (supposedly the real band) posted a message on the same myspace account claiming that those messages are incorrect. Here's the post the band sent out:

Friday, August 25, 2006

Current mood: confused

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural
i heard from my mate that bbc radio 6 has been telling everyone that we have new material on here so id thought id better tell you that its not..
the tracks on here are doodles from about 3 years ago....
we are in the studio with tunes done but its unlikley that we will post any new stuff just yet
we are working everyday to finish it
thanks for stopping by anyhows.....and your patience
geoff [P]

...and here's the story on Pitchfork. I'm leaning towards believing the Portishead myspace side.


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