Saturday, August 26, 2006

Thank God for Those Fat-Burning Pills!

A great-spirited, albeit exhausted, Snowden took the stage at Sin-e shortly after 11:00 and proceeded to play through a fantastic set of songs from their debut album “Anti-Anti.” When the band took the stage the first words by Corinne Lee (bass/keyboards) was that the band had just played a show the night before at midnight and then drove up from Norfolk, VA to get to the show, hence the “Thank God for those fat-burning pills!” quote. The energy from those pills seemed to be holding up throughout the bands set, because everyone was thrashing around quite savagely. Prior to the set I spoke shortly with David Payne (guitars) and I noticed he was sporting a Mogwai Young Team t-shirt, which was duly noted by my wife and I! So I had to include a picture of that here…it wouldn’t be right not to.

The show was great, the opening bands “papercranes” and “ “ were both very good, I unfortunately missed the first opener so I can’t really speak to how she sounded. Overall it made me wish I was going to the Saturday night show at Southpaw, but at least I got to catch them in the intimacy at Sin-e. Oh, also of note, Mike Myers (of Austin Powers/SNL fame) was in attendance, and was able to enjoy the show without too much, if any, notice/bother. Cheers Mike.


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