Saturday, August 19, 2006

Album Review - Snowden "Anti-Anti"

Snowden - "Anti-Anti"
Release date - August 22nd on Jade Tree Records

The band was kind enough to send me an advanced copy so I could digest it and maybe review it. I initially fell in love with the EP they posted for free on their site, and the song that would become the title of their debut album, which is without a doubt one of the best singles to come out this year.

Snowden hail from Atlanta, GA but sound more British than half of the bands coming over the pond these days. The four-piece band is made up of Chandler, Corinne, David, and Jordan, who
list Ride and early Cure as influences which should be more than enough to entice some onlookers to give the album a spin!

Start to finish the album is just teeming with some great textural rock, that blends equal parts shoe-gazer rock with straight ahead feel good garage rock. The overall songwriting and lyrics are definitely top rate and there is absolutely no doubt that this album will be on my top 10 albums of the year, as well as a ton of other bloggers by year-end!

From Anti-Anti

From the Victim Card EP
Victim Card
Good News


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