Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Keep An Eye Out!

Keser -
I read about these guys on myspace, and they definitely caught my eye. Maybe it's because their from Scotland, and for some reason I have a tendency to really like Scottish bands (Mogwai, Travis, Belle & Sebastian, etc.). Regardless I just heard that their debut album "Esoteric Escape" is set to be released this August, although I'm unsure if it will be getting a stateside release. So here's the info from the bands record label:


Keser release their debut album to be entitled Esoteric Escape on Alex Tronic Records. A release date is to be sheduled as the the album has gone to press.Fourteen tracks were recorded but the album will surface as a 12 track album . The other two tracks may surface as part of a single in the near future . Keser CD.LP Esoteric Escape Catalogue No ATR CD022

A couple of tracks to give a listen to:
Rolling (expected on the new album)
In the Beginning


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