Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Jason Lytle at Joe's Pub

Well I can say without hesitation that I now have a new favorite venue in NYC. My wife and I attended the Jason Lytle show at Joe’s Pub Monday night and I could not have been more impressed! From the service to the ambiance to the doorman/bouncer, everyone was extremely polite and jovial.

I had requested a table close to the stage, figuring it might help me get in the place and be close enough to hear or something. What I got was the center table at the foot of the stage, right smack dab in front of Jason, which was more that a little surreal. The food is very good, I would highly recommend the bruccetta plate, and the wines and mojito’s were top-notch.

I guess I should begin by saying that the opener Nic Freitas was very good and seemed to have a more-than-subtle Bob Dylan influence, and I mean that in a good way! He actually played a Dylan cover at the end of his set. His songs were all very good and I’m a bit bummed that I didn’t grab a copy of his album on the way out…if anyone has any idea how to get a copy could you let me know.

Jason took the stage, with Rusty Miller who played guitar/keyboard/percussion, at around 10:00 or so, and jumped right into “Now It’s On”, which sounded amazing. He managed to encapsulate the entire Grandaddy sound at a minimal level that actually captured the songs in an intimate and ethereal light that seems to be the way they were intended to have been performed. There was a lot of laughing and joking going on throughout the set, which reached it’s peak when Rusty botched a line and hit a few missed notes during “Hewlett’s Daughter” that caused Jason to refer to the song as “Hewlett’s Train Wreck” as the song ended.

I unfortunately didn’t get a good shot of the setlist and have a problem retaining song titles as they are performed so I can only tell you a few of the songs he played that I managed to remember. Here’s a list of a few of the songs he played, unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the cover he played at the end of his set which was a classic.

Now It’s On
Jed the Humanoid
Jeez Louise
Hewlett’s Daughter

The Go in the Go-for-it
Summer…it’s Gone

All in all it was an amazing performance on all accounts, and I can only hope he comes back around for some more shows (especially at Joes) soon! It’s a shame Grandaddy had to disband, but hopefully the guys are happy and successful, and Jason will for sure be continuing to entertain us into the future. (at least I hope so!)


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