Sunday, July 09, 2006

First the bad news...

Here's some bad news from Blind Tiger regarding the resurrection of the new pub on Bleeker Street. There is some good news mixed in at the end too...can you say breakfast at the Blind Tiger? With some primo coffee to boot (hopefully not literally).

We knew we were in trouble when Alan went to pick up our temporary liquor license, and the man behind the bullet-proof glass just looked at him and said, "Nyet." We thought maybe we had misunderstood, but when we asked again the answer was the same. Later, we found out that when the Soviet Union collapsed, their top officials migrated to positions in the New York City government. It was hard enough to get anything done before, but imagine filling out twenty applications without using vowels? It was a lot easier to open a bar ten years ago when we did everything illegally.

What I'm getting at is that the Blind Tiger isn't open yet. I can't give you a specific time as to when we will be open, except to say that we should definitely be pouring beer for the finals of the next World Cup...

Enough with the bad news, let's talk about some of the positive things that have been happening. I'm pretty sure our new floor is somewhere in Pennsylvania. Actually, our wayward floor is over two hundred years old and so expensive we probably shouldn't walk on it. I'm not sure what we're going to do, maybe place it under glass. Our bar top is in Ohio. I have no idea why. It's not returning my phone calls. Even if it was, I don't speak oak, which lacks both consonants and vowels. The bar top is also very old and full of extremely expensive worm holes. Actually, if the bar top ever decides to grace us with its presence, we should probably put it under glass, too. The wainscotting, which came from a 300 year old barn actually did arrive and is now nailed to our walls. Trust me, it's not going anywhere. It seems that we forgot we were opening a bar as opposed to an annex of the Museum of Natural History. I also must admit that our delays in opening aren't entirely the fault of government red tape.

Did I mention the new Blind Tiger will have a kitchen, and that Louise Leonard will be at the controls? How could I have forgotten? Yes, the rumors are true, though I wish someone would tell the Community Board and the Block Association, who seem to think we're a cross between a porn shop and a tatoo parlor. Are your ears burning - you should hear some of the things these people have been saying about you. I had no idea all you guys ever did was vomit all over Tenth Street. Why didn't you tell me? Anyway, the bottom-line is you'll now be able to throw up something a little more substantial. And you'll only have to leave for four hours as we're now going to be serving breakfast at 8 a.m. Tim and I are becoming single origin coffee geeks. We'll be serving some of the best micro-coffees out there, so get ready.

As soon as I know more I'll let you know, but right now I'd say we'll be opening in late July or early August, hopefully of this year. Check the website on Monday - we'll have new pictures posted of our snail-like progress...


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