Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Well I have been fortunate enough to receive a few new demo's in the mail from some gracious bands and I figured I'd mention a bit about them.

Antarctica Takes It!

First off let me thank Matt at YANP for turning me onto these guys, I definitely like what they have going and look forward to hopefully seeing them come and tour around the NYC area. On that note...Antarctica Takes It! hails from San Diego, CA, but don’t let that fool you. They sound nothing like the more publicized South California bands (Sublime, Lit, etc.). They mix a multi-instrumental sound similar to Sufjan Stevens but yield a much more straight-forward rock sound that is fairly pronounced throughout the bands 10-song debut. The album is available for only $6 if you check out their myspace page.

Here's a couple tracks from the album that I would highly recommend checking out:
I'm No Lover

Lions in the Street - Cat Got Your Tongue EP

After listening to this EP a few times through one thing becomes rather clear, these guys are not necessary ready to take their tumultuous start to their recording career (see write-up here). They mix a bit of blues (small part) with a lot of southern rock sensibilities to create a sound akin to edgier Rolling Stones. You can listen/download to their EP in its entirety at their website, which is definitely worth checking out.

Here's a couple tracks from the EP that I would highly recommend checking out:
Already Gone
Lady Blue


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