Friday, June 30, 2006

New Band Definitely Worth Checking Out!

Okay I just received a four-track demo from a new band hailing out of arguably the greatest wine region on the planet, Bordeaux France, by the name of Beautiful Lunar Landscape.

The group is comprised of Benjamin Ling (vocals), Emmanual Georg (drums), Benoit Paissard (guitar), Arnaud Sigonny (guitar & songwriter), Julien Sussat (guitar). Together they make some of the cleanest and tightest art-rock I've heard in quite some time.

The four songs on the demo are easily as captivating as any My Bloodly Valentine or Slint album, but with a slight twist that reminds me of Sickoakes. BLL create some of the most lush textures with their mixture of bass and guitars, with near-whisper vocals. My early favorites from the demo are definitely Poemme (although it’s in French so I’m a bit lost with the lyrics), and Yesteryear. I can say this, the songs stand up amazingly when played as an album.

All four songs are available on the bands myspace site, and are highly recommended. Additionally Benjamin had mentioned that the band is planning to record another demo in July, which I'm looking forward to hearing. Hopefully they come to the States soon. If possible in the future I'll try to post a song or two pending the bands permission.


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