Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Chuck Palahniuk - Reading in NYC

Wow, Chuck can draw a crowd. I overheard some employees of the store mentioning 500+ people had shown up for the reading/signing! The svelt author began the event by signing books for the first few rows, then proceeded to begin reading a short story he had written, entitled "Mr. Elegant", which had the entire crowd laughing uncontrollably! After the reading, which lasted about 15-20 min., he opened up the floor for questions. While some were pertinent, such as what is the status of your books becoming movies, which he explained they are all in various stages of production as of right now, some filming and some casting. Others were less informed.

Overall the event was amazing, the only drawback was the store and it's employees who were hornery, eletist, and down right snotty. I never managed to get any signatures as the store lost control of the crowd during the signing period at the end of the event.

My conclusion is now that I would definitely like to attend another reading by Chuck, but not at that store, nor would I ever buy anything from them at any point in the future. If you really want to find an obscure book, either fly to Portland and visit "Powell's City of Books" or go to their website, the staff is both courteous and knowledgeable, and the selection is far greater than "18 miles of books"!


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