Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The National - Webster Hall - Last Sunday

Well I'm sorry it took so long but I finally got a chance to post some pictures from the awe inspiring performance the National put on last Sunday at Webster Hall. The band was in great form, and was really energetic!

I may be the only one who goes out and says this but, is Baby Dayliner a joke? I mean the guy reminds me of some mixture of Brian Austin Green (90210), Robert Goulet, and Ace Ventura. I mean he walks around and "dances" to a pre-recorded bunch of techno-pop while crooning some gibberish. It seemed as though everyone aside from a few people in the VIP balcony were laughing at him the entire opening set. Whatever...

So the band took the stage and launched into a great version of Secret Meeting, which blew me away. The highlight though was probably the blistering version of "Lit Up" that lead singer, Matt Berninger, belted out as the entire crowd sang along. Anyway an amazing show, that cemented them as a favorite band of mine who I can't wait to see again! I wish I had a full setlist to post for you, but I never got a chance to write the songs down, sorry.


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