Monday, May 15, 2006

Album Review: Whirlwind Heat

Have you ever heard an album that sounds like something you swore you heard before, but yet you couldn't quite nail down what it is? Well that's sort of how I felt when I heard Whirlwind Heat's new album "Type of Wood" [Brille Records]. Overall it's a good listen. The constant fuzzed out bass lines remind me of more obscure Beck songs, but the seemingly free-form drumming is quite impressing and mix well with the vocals.

Upon reading some rather cryptic reviews by some of the larger music magazines I regularly read (Q magazine), I was somewhat unsure of what to expect. I don't want to just try to compare them to other bands that I, and you, have already heard but it's impossible for me to not hear elements from a few bands. The band has a great groove, and makes good use of their somewhat muddy sound. They have been quoted as saying "We have no musical influences", but it would seem unlikely that they hadn't spent some time listening to some Sebadoh and maybe even a little Girls Against Boys, because they tend to be very lo-fi and bass-heavy, not to mention that they have the speak-singing thing down quite well.

They are about to embark on a short tour supporting Be Your Own Pet, here are the dates:
May 20 - Neighborhood Festival - Long Beach, CA (w/ Moving Units)
June 1 - Southgate House - Newport, KY
June 2 - Subterranean - Chicago, IL
June 3 - Beechland Ballroom - Cleveland, OH
June 4 - Little Brother's - Columbus, OH
June 6 - Magic Stick - Detroit, MI
June 9 - Pioneer Arts Center - Easthampton, MA
June 10 - Maxwell's - Hoboken, NJ
June 12 - Knitting Factory - New York, NY
June 21 - Walter's - Houston, TX
June 22 - Emo's - Austin, TX
June 24 - The Brick House - Phoenix, AZ
June 25 - The Glass House - Pomona, CA
June 27 - Troubadour - Los Angeles, CA
June 28 - Bottom of the Hill - San Francisco, CA
June 30 - El Corazon - Seattle, WA


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