Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Not-necessarily-new Album Review:

I figure this might be a decent time to just post a couple of random reviews of albums that I have been listening to quite regularly that have not gotten much, if any, attention throughout the vast Internet and blog's. So here goes, feel free to express opinions to the contrary if you'd like.

Susumu Yokota - "Symbol"

Susumu Yokota is both an artist and a DJ, quite the combination, which explains why his music allows listeners to explore his music in Timothy Leary-esque ways. His music is akin to the style of symphonic tone poem's of Smetana and Berlioz. [I took a music for appreciation class which went into detail with classical music and its styles, forms, and history] Not to get too technical, but he tends to layer pieces of music together that would normally not make sense. Unlike most DJ's or electronic artists he sticks to mostly earthy sounds and classical pieces rather than synth sounds and processed pop beats. The album as a whole is a mash-up of numerous known, and virtually unknown, classical pieces that include such personal favorites as Die Walk├╝re, Fur Elise, and some of Beethoven's other provincial masterpieces. This is what mood, esoteric, and ambient music dreams to be. A profound statement I know, but I listen to this album almost daily! (Plus it is really helpful when you have a migraine!) This is single handedly the reason that I love Soundfix Records in Williamsburg, because it was one of their employees that put this on top of my pile of albums I was purchasing and simply said, "trust me you will love this record!" I now know what he meant!

Key Tracks: Fairy Dance of Twinkle and Shadow & Traveler in the Wonderland


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