Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The National - NYC Show Moved to Webster Hall

As some of you may have noticed, especially those on the National's website, the bands May 21st show in NYC has been moved from the Bowery Ballroom to Webster Hall. Ticket prices remain the same, but the larger, less intimate venue is drawing the ire of fans. While this may not be all that newsworthy by itself, what
Brooklyn Vegan was able to obtain in response from the band regarding the venue change is most certainly exciting. Read below for the short portion of the bands response, and check here for the full story at BV's site.

"We decided with Bowery to move the show to a larger room since we are about to enter the studio to record a new album, and therefore won't be playing shows in NYC again until at least the Fall. That's the didnt occur to us that the switch could bother some folks who prefer bowery until the decision was hindsight, we all feel bad that some people who prefer Bowery and bought tickets thinking that was the venue are upset by this. but that being said, we will make sure the show at Webster is great."


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