Sunday, April 23, 2006

Islands In-Store @ Soundfix

So I attended the Islands in-store performance at Soundfix Records in Williamsburg, Brooklyn yesterday afternoon (the show was actually in the cafe attached to the rear of the store). Nicholas Thorburn, lead singer/guitarist, started the show off by announcing that the band had only just woken up 20 minutes before they arrived at the store, so everyone in the band was downing coffee & muffins. It was a light and airy atmosphere in the cafe, with the band joking around a lot and Alex (or Sebastian) was really rocking out with his violin. The band played through 5 or 6 songs (my memory is shot from a night out at Mugs, Barcade, and Vera Cruz), all of which sounded great and the band headed out to make some last minute purchases at the record shop. Overall it was a great show, the band was a lot of fun even though they were all exhausted. You can see more of my photos from the show below:


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