Monday, April 03, 2006

Flamed Lips - Pitchfork review

The new Flaming Lips album, "At War with the Mystics", got a less-than-stellar review from Pitchfork (6.7) in which they state the following:

"The production is distant, queasy, fuzzier, and less direct than any of their recent outings; the vocals are often manipulated and toyed with-- Coyne goes from singing in a register so low you can hardly recognize him (the single "Yeah Yeah Yeah Song") to one so high that he sounds like Beck doing Prince ("Free Radicals")"

I have not yet heard the album, but I do somewhat agree based solely on what few songs I've heard. I was secretly hoping for a continuation of sorts from the
last two magnificent albums. I'll reserve my final judgment for when I hear the album through in its entirety a few times. Regardless, the review is quite a departure from what I expected considering the bands' recently captured media-darlings persona.


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