Monday, April 24, 2006

Album Review #2

Sickoakes - "Seawards"

Sickoakes a six-piece, post-rock orchestra formed in Nynshamn, Sweden in 1999. The band is comprised of: Mats - Guitar, Simon - Guitar, David - Bass, Jonas - Saxophone, Jacob - Saxophone, and Erik - Drums.

The band released a number of cd-r albums and singles, but have just released their first proper LP this year. The album is a beautiful balance of guitars, strings, and horns. Their sound is akin to quieter Mogwai, with an airy almost guitar-loop style of hooks buried deep beneath the ambient noise. The album title is pretty much dead on, as "Taking the Stairs Instead of the Elevators" is quite moving, and is definitely reminiscent of tidal waters with the riffs flowing in and out of focus.

It's no stretch that I found this album to be enjoyable, as the bands Sickoakes are most often compared to are Mogwai, Mono and Explosions in the Sky. All three of which I really enjoy. This was yet another one of those Soundfix "listening stations" albums, that immediately caught my attention. For anyone looking for some beautiful instrumental
post-rock music, this is a great find and probably will be one of my top 10 albums of 2006. It may not be too readily available but if you're in the NYC area and can get to Soundfix, they can definitely hook you up. Otherwise you can check here.

Listen to Wedding Rings and Bullets from the Same Golden Shrine (18.5 Mb) here.
Essential Tracks -
Taking the Stairs Instead of the Elevators & Oceans on Hold


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