Friday, March 24, 2006

Random Story by Malcolm Middleton (Arab Strap)

Pitchfork has just posted a random story of Malcolm Middleton's nine songs that humble the Arab Strap co-frontman. It displays the tongue-in-cheek manner in which Arab Strap take to their music! Damn, I can't wait for this show in Brooklyn!!!

Nine Songs That Give Me Goosebumps and Make Me Want to Give up Music When I Hear Them Because I Feel Like Dirt Next to Them
Story by Malcolm Middleton, Arab Strap

1. King Creosote: "Marguerita Red"
Kenny Anderson is a beautiful man and a great songwriter. I hope everyone will realise this soon. This is the last song on his latest album K.C. Rules OK, and it makes me want to cry even though I've never paid attention to the lyrics. I painted my house to this album last October.

2. Pat Benatar: "Shadows of the Night"
I've loved this woman since I was 10 and have all three of her "good albums." She dropped out of my life for a time while I was fighting the metal and punk wars, but when I re-discovered her a few years ago I was pissing myself at how much of an influence her husband Neil Geraldo's guitar playing has been on me. A great pop song with a great climax. If you don't like this, don't expect ever to be invited to my house for dinner.

3. The Ramones: "My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down"
Was never a huge R fan but this song is miles above anything else they've done. It makes me wish I was an American teenager in the 1970s, spilling beer over my head and smoking reefer. Joey's voice sounds great here.

4. Celine Dion: A New Day (radio remix)"
I can't and won't try to explain why I love this song, but 3:15 into it always sends shivers down my spine. No doubt some studio trickery or something. It's a shame she died when that boat sank a few years ago, I would've liked to have heard more of her stuff.

5. Hamish Imlach: "Cod Liver Oil and Orange Juice"
Not written by but made famous by the big man. Funny lyrics and a good yarn. You could be stuck on your own in the middle of nowhere with this song and still feel like you're at the best party in the world and that everyone loves you.

6. Davy Graham: "Love Is Pleasing"
I don't know much about this guy except that trying to learn his songs on the guitar is almost impossible for me. I think he's a big cheese in the folk world and everybody swears by him, but who gives a fuck. This song is simple and nice and even though a lot of the other stuff I've heard by him isn't so great (in my opinion), if you can write even one song like this then you "have it" and probably would get invited round to mine for dinner.

7. Patty Smith: "Frederic"
Such a positive shout of hope, this song actually makes me physically smile and want to rise up out of this human filth and vibrate so violently that I turn into first sound and then light.

8. Jackson C. Frank: "Blues Run the Game"
A wee sad tune written by a guy who had the worst luck in the world and is now dead and hopefully somewhere nicer having fun. This song should have a health warning on it though, it really makes me want to drink whiskey and smoke.

9. Iron Maiden: "Sea of Madness"
Where to begin. This song comes from the patchy but pristinely produced Somewhere in Time
album. Don't listen to the lyrics too closely, there's really no need. Powerful classic metal at it's best with an amazing opening guitar line. Blah blah blah. Try and drive slow to this, it's impossible until the middle "crazy-slow-emo" section. When the songs kicks in again it's really one of the biggest natural highs you can have. Really. Not to forget Steve Harris' big fat-arsed bass pumping behind the whole tune.


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