Thursday, March 09, 2006

New Futureheads Album

Courtesty of pitchforkmedia we have the following news of the Futureheads sophmore album:

Futureheads Reveal More Album Details

Kati Llewellyn reports:
Thanks, Futureheads! You announced the tracklist and release date for your new album without making us play any games. Like, oh I don't know, a word search.

News and Tributes is due out May 22, which we assume means May 23 in the USA. "Skip to the End", aka track four, will be released as a single on May 8 in the UK.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the tune that was tentatively titled "Munich" is concretely titled something else no more Editors (or Eric Bana) confusion.

News and Tributes:
01 Yes/No
02 Cope
03 Fallout
04 Skip to the End
05 Burnt
06 News and Tributes
07 Return of the Beserker
08 Back to the Sea
09 Worry About It Later
10 Favours for Favours
11 Thursday
12 Face

...oh and for good measure another Mogwai reference, you can download a video of Mogwai playing "Glasgow Megasnake", taken from one of the ICA shows in London, at the Q Magazine website. Looks great!


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