Monday, March 27, 2006

Blind Tiger - Rises Like a Phoenix

According to the Gotham Imbiber, the Blind Tiger Ale House in NYC will re-open it doors, at a new location at 281 Bleeker Street, some time in May! This is most joyous news to all fine ale fans, in the New York City area and beyond! The new location is in the site of the former Figa Ristorante. The manger of Blind Tiger, Alan Jestice, has "promised an awesome range of unusual beers on tap for the opening gala."

For the time being, the Blind Tiger Ale House is planning an Exile in Sierra night at the Collins Bar (Blind Tigers sister bar, along with Spring Lounge). Here's the info:

Anyway, to celebrate our local and state government's amazing abilities to expedite all the necessary permits which help out the little guy achieve their dreams...I decided to hold a Sierra Nevada Event at the Collins Bar. So... About two months ago, I filed with the Beer Events Department of New York (a lesser known agency). Well, two weeks later they sent me a letter acknowledging that they received my letter. Two days after that, they returned my application and informed that only a lawyer could file said documents. So I got a lawyer, and he kindly filed the documents for me... No problem! A week later, they got back to me citing that I had forgotten to apply for the pre-application concerning the prior application...fair enough. I sent pre-prior application to the assistant of Beer Events, and just as he was about to approve the document, his wife called and told him she was leaving him.

Distraught, the assistant had to leave work. Another week went by... I called, a little concerned about the progress of my filing and was told that the assistant had forgotten to file my application to be reviewed by his assistant. Unfortunately, another assistant can't review a pre-prior filing without the current assistants documented and notarized approval - unless, of course, the head of the department approves it. "Great!"

I said, "let's get him on the phone". Well, that actually calls for the filing of something called "the document of directorial review", which requires that I get another type of lawyer, an expeditor, dirt from the base of one of the pyramids, the Holy Grail and the head of Alfredo Garcia...

You see where I am going with this, don't you? Anyhow, after much delay, the Sierra Nevada Event will be at the Collins Bar (735 8th Ave) on Wednesday March 29th @ 6:00PM
The list:
Sierra Schwartzbier (NY premiere)
Sierra Pilsner (very rare on the east coast)
Sierra Celebration (are you kidding me!!!)
Sierra Pale Bock (yumm)
Sierra Porter (a true classic)
Sierra Scotch Ale (another rare treat)


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