Thursday, March 16, 2006

Andrew Bird Live - & Jealous of Bloggers at SXSW

Well first I want to bring your attention to I Guess I'm Floating's blog, he just posted the Andrew Bird Black Session from March 2005. Great stuff!

Secondly Skatterbrain has two unreleased (but possible tracks that will be on Radiohead's new album! We'll se
e! I'm still hoping for True Love Waits! On a similar side-note, if you like (love) Radiohead and have never visited the radiohub website or DC++ room, I would HIGHLY recommend it. They are well organized and have pretty much every good, high quality recording of radiohead live that you could ever imagine. The website also offers torrents of the shows, but registration is required. Also check out the bands website Dead Air Space, which they use to post information and anecdotes regarding the new album they are recording. Cool stuff. Also of note is the now infamous blackboard of songs.


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