Wednesday, March 29, 2006

10,000 Fans - Tool

Well, according to, Tool has finally released the track list for their new album, entitled 10,000 Fans which is due out May 2nd! This is the bands first album since Lateralus in 2001, which in my opinion was a major step back for the band! Hopefully this album will pick up where the band left off in their previous efforts!

Read below for the tracklist and more information:

Tool Prepares Fans For '10,000 Days'
Mar 29, 2006
Story by: Matt Pullman
Tool has revealed the track listing for their upcoming fourth longplayer, 10,000 Days . The album, their first since 2001's Lateralus , will be released May 2 via Volcano with its first single, "Vicarious," hitting commercial radio airwaves April 17. Fans can expect the band's trademark epic sound on tracks such as "Rosetta Stoned" and "10,000 Days (Part Two)," both pushing past the eleven-minute mark.

The band is hitting the festival circuit overseas during the early summer months and will headline this year's Coachella music festival. Tool has been in hibernation since 2002 while members pursued other projects (See: A Perfect Circle).

Tracklist For 10,000 Days:
01. Vicarious
02. Jambi
03. Wings For Marie (Pt. 1)
04. 10,000 Days (Pt. 2)
05. The Pot
06. Lipan Conjuring
07. Lost Keys (Blame Hofman)
08. Rosetta Stoned
09. Intension
10. Right In Two
11. Viginti Tres


Blogger keep-it-like-a-secret said...

Lateralus was a total let down. Hopefully 10,000 fans is the second installment of the Aemina trilogy!

7:56 PM  

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